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 IsoGreen Biotechnology Inc.

  Company Overview

Isogreen Biotechnology Inc. was founded in 2004 by David Liu M.D. and his experienced colleagues from the field of medicine and life science.

Since the very beginning, our mission has been to create products that help people reach a balance between the physiological environment and the ecological environment.

With that in mind, we devoted years into researching and developing technologies related to cordyceps and growth factors, and subsequently produced health food and anti-aging cosmeceutical products that realized our goal.

Over the years, our dedication was rewarded again and again by the government and research institutes. Noticeably, we are the distinguished recipient of major research grants from both the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Taiwan) and the Council of Agriculture


Our distributors include hospitals, clinics, and international airlines, such as Eva Air, Air Macau, China Airline, TransAsia, Far Eastern, Uni Air, etc. Since 2014 branded health food products has exported to Japan, Macau and Hong Kong as well.

The new dimension to unite electronics with bio-medical technology will be carried out by us through our reliable total ability. In addition to that, we will make it possible to unite various demands with business chances as the applied material integrated solution provider.




 Good and stable quality is achieved by continuous improvements


 Continuous to drive cost down for Cost competiveness

 Great ability of cost control


 Quick response to customer’s request

 On-time delivery


 Excellent technology team


 Customized specification


  Advanced bio-medical technology in IsoGreen is supported with Isoreen's experience medical doctors.





Contact Us

Tel. +886-2-2809-5005
Fax +886-2-2809-5036



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